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Improving Student Outcomes in Public Schools

Help Pass Dyslexia Screening in CA This Year

A bill is pending in the state legislature (Senate Bill 691) to have California join the 40 states that already screen all kids for dyslexia in the early grades.  We are helping lead the effort to pass this important bill, but a few special interests are trying to block it.

Policies for improving student outcomes

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Ensure reading proficiency by 3rd grade... leveraging the best science around how kids learn to read.

Enhance the teaching profession...

...with higher pay and accountability for teaching standards.

Ensure that every California student can study computer science.

In the 21st century, it is as foundational as reading and math, and states from South Carolina to Arkansas have shown us the way to make universal computer science access a reality.

Empower school leaders... build the teams that will enable students to succeed.


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Ensure equitable distribution...

...of teachers and resources.   

Close the digital divide. Reliable internet access is as foundational for student success as access to textbooks has been in past generations. 

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