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Ensure Fiscal Responsibility and Smarter Government

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Enhancing Taxpayer Return on Investment

CA's taxes are among the nation's highest...

...but our public services too often underperform. Taxes that don't deliver social value undermine trust in government and siphon funds that could be used to drive the economy.  Seeing tax funds used efficiently and delivering value should be a priority for progressives, moderates and conservatives alike. 

California's reliance on less than 1 percent of taxpayers for more than 40 percent of personal income tax revenues drives a budget roller coaster:  between 2021 and 2022 we went from a $100B surplus to an estimated $25B deficit.

California's volatile fiscal structure hurts the most vulnerable.

Policies for making California governance among the nation's best

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Double the state's rainy day fund... at least $50B.

Make the state less dependent on the top 0.5% of earners...

...who can too easily move to jurisdictions with no income tax at all. 

Tax what we want to discourage...

...including companies that impose costs on our environment and healthcare system.

Reform the business tax structure... bringing the information and services parts of the economy into the tax base.  

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Use budget surpluses to make long term investments... infrastructure and paying down pension and healthcare liabilities. 

Recruit the best legislators and legislative staff... establishing competitive pay scales. 

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