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We are a group of political philanthropists, civic leaders, and public advocacy groups focused on electing effective leaders and using best practices from around the world to ensure California's long-term success.

Our Focus:

1. Improving our public schools to increase student achievement and opportunity.


2. Building more homes to solve the state’s housing and homelessness crises.


3. Creating a more efficient and effective government to improve services without raising taxes.

What We Believe

California is a remarkable place.

  • We are the world’s fifth-largest economy.

  • Our public university system is second to none.  

  • We are home to four of the ten largest companies in the world – three of which were founded by immigrants.  

  • We produce more patents than any state in the union.

  • Our public health outcomes are among the best in the nation.


California has led the world in innovation and economic growth in the 21st Century, but our government remains locked in the past. The result?

  • California’s fourth graders are 43rd in the nation in math, and 39th in English.  

  • California’s median home costs twice the national average. 

  • We’ve lost hundreds of thousands of Californians to other states in recent years.  

  • Important companies like Oracle, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and Palantir have left the state.

We Can Do Better

We believe California can solve its greatest challenges. In many cases, we already know the answers. There are proven common-sense solutions that have worked in other states and nations.  


The real problem is that a handful of special interests in Sacramento get in the way of common sense solutions that are in the long-term best interests of the state.  

We launched the 21st Century Alliance (21CA), to build a bridge more than 20 years overdue. The alliance is a progressive, bi-partisan group, focused on best practices for California’s future.

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