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Tell Gov. Newsom to Veto SB799 so All Workers Can Fairly Access Unemployment Benefits

SB 799 will put new strains on an unemployment system that failed to provide needed benefits to thousands of California workers over the last three years, and is now nearly $20B in debt.  Rather than fixing the unemployment fund so that it will be there for workers when the next recession hits, the legislature caved to powerful special interests and passed SB 799.  But hope remains: Governor Newsom is considering a veto. 


We need your help to tell Gov. Newsom to veto the bill by emailing him directly. Here's how:

  • Look to right hand side of the page under ‘By Email’

  • Choose Topic: ‘An Active Bill’

  • Choose Bill: ’SB 799 - Unemployment insurance: trade disputes: eligibility for benefits’

  • What is the purpose of your message?: ‘Leave a Comment’

  • Hit ’Next’

  • Choose ‘Con’

  • Edit and Copy the message below and Paste in the ‘Message’ box 

Want to contact Gov. Newsom through other ways as well? 


Call the Governor’s office: 916-445-2841

  • How to Call and Ask for a Veto

  • Call: 916-445-2841

  • Press 1 for English

  • Press 6 to speak a representative

  • Press 3 to leave a voice message

  • State your name, city of residence, and that you are a voter. Ask the Governor to veto Senate Bill 799 allowing striking workers to receive unemployment benefits.

Mail a letter to the Governor’s office:

Governor Gavin Newsom
1021 O Street, Suite 9000
Sacramento, CA 95814

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