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On Governance

California's budget volatility is a choice.

Our most vulnerable bear the costs.

California's Legislative Analyst projects an unprecedented $73B state budget deficit, just years removed from an unprecedented $100B budget surplus.​

                         We can do better.

Policy Recommendations for addressing CA's Budget Volatility

  • Increase the size of the state's Rainy Day Fund so we can save more in good years to manage the bad years.

  • Reform the State's Spending Limit so that savings is not counted as "spending".

  • Avoid tax policy changes that make the state's revenue more volatile.

Learn more about our work to see that California thrives for years to come.

On Education

Education 2.jpg

The Bad News:  Less than half of CA fourth graders are reading at grade level.

The Good News: We know how to fix it.

The CA Kids Read Act came up short in 2024.

Stay Tuned: We're coming back in 2025.

On Housing

On Housing

California's high housing costs are driven by a dramatic housing shortage, estimated at 2.5M housing units.  We have to build more - much more - but we're adding only ~100K new units each year when we need ~150K each year just to tread water.

Addressing a crisis:  Learning from ongoing efforts

  • Los Angeles has seen a surge of interest in building affordable housing, even from for-profit developers.  What's their secret?  Read about it here in CalMatters.

  • Hawaii's Governor has signed an emergency declaration to streamline housing construction. See the Governor's declaration here.

  • Florida's Live Local Act has spurred a spike in middle income housing development. Read more here in The Wall Street Journal.

The Latest

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

| Margaret Mead

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